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At Cortez, family-owned and operated, we honor tradition and quality. Our dedication to blend the best tobacco in the world into our unique blends and to your hands. Importing only the finest tobacco from around the world...From the crafter's bench to your hands you can taste the aroma, the dedication and the passion in which we create our cigars.
Cortez Cigars originated back in Havana, Cuba. We are specialists in the tobacco industry with a family that has been growing, curing and manufacturing cigars for three generations.

Luis trained at La Corona Factory in La Habana, Cuba, under strict guidelines of apprenticeship, later working with General Cigars traveling throughout the US representing Macanudo and other cigar industry leaders.
Throughout the years we have been steadily perfecting our blends and now have established a factory outside Santiago, Dom. Rep. and in Shrewsbury, NJ: our homebase.

Our houseblend cigars signify perfection, tradition and elegance

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Custom cigar-rolling events are a specialty of ours, where we showcase our finely made cigars and the Art of cigar-making.

These events are big hits and sure to impress. Weddings, birthday parties, retirement parties, charity events, corporate and private events.

Whatever you needs we can make sure our addition to your featured event is unsurpassed.
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